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2014 Volume 5
Issue 2

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Methods for Optimal Control and Control Theory

  • Burdayev M.N. About the control and correction of exoatmospheric orbitdescent trajectory area for planet artificial satellite
  • Burdayev M.N. About the influence of spacecraft maneuverability characteristics on the convergence objects observing possibility
  • Gurman V., Fesko O., Guseva I., Nasatueva S. Iterative procedures based on the method of global control improvement

Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks

  • Fralenko V.P. Localization of text fragments on mixed background: short scientific review

Healthcare Information Systems

  • Yurchenko S.G. Visualization of electronic clinical documents, adjusted for protection of personal data and other restricted access information

Healthcare Information Systems

  • Stotsky M., Shevchuk Yu. Visualization templates in the BotikMon monitoring system

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