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2014 Volume 5
Issue 4

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Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers

  • Serdyuk Yu. Programming the graphics processors (GPU) in MC# language
  • Shevchuk Yu., Ponomarev A., Elistratov A. BotikSwitch the Ethernet switch family
  • Mayboroda Yu., Syntsov M., Ozerin A., Kuzin A., Varlamov O. Automatic tagging system based on mivar technologies
  • Sukhoroslov O. Integration of distributed computing applications and resources on the base of cloud platform
  • Volkov S., Sukhoroslov O. Implementation of parameter sweep computations on Everest platform
  • Demidov A. About the features of DBMS architecture in MPP-system

Mathematical Modelling

  • Fralenko V. Methods of image texture analysis, Earth remote sensing data processing

Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks

  • Suleymanova E. An integrated approach to disambiguating relationalappositional constructions
  • Vlasova N. On annotating Russian texts for information extraction task
  • Vinoradov A., Vozdvizhenskiy I., Kormalev D., Kurshev E. The time aspect modelling of situation description for information extraction task
  • Vlasova N. On one problem of automatic information extraction from Russian texts

Mathematical Foundations of Programming

  • Nepejvoda N., Grigorevsky I., Lilitko E. New Representation of Real Numbers
  • Znamenskij S. Modeling of the optimal sequence alignment problem

Mathematical Foundations of Programming

  • Gurman V., Rasina I., Guseva I. Differential Control Systems Transformations to Approximate Optimal Control Search
  • Trushkova E., Fesko O. Parameterized control models

Supercomputing Software and Hardware

  • Krypsky A., Rusakov R. Calculator grid optimization in DSP-devices

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