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The Russian-Engish bilingual electronic scientific journal "Program Systems: Theory and Applications"

·      provides publication of carefully prepared and sound scientific articles and reviews on computer science, computer technology and optimal control theory,

·      widely and consistently represents over world the new scientific results of Russian-speaking authors and their new vision of scientific problems,

·      so contributes to the strengthening of Russian science and to the development of international cooperation.



Editor in Chief,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Chief Researcher of the Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems
of the А.К. Ailamazyan Program Systems Institute of  RAS

Sergei Mikhailovich Abramov

Bilinguality of the journal means the practice of publication in one or in parallel in several languages with mandatory full text in Russian or English and informative annotations in Russian and in English (for articles of non-Russian authors, no abstract in Russian is required from the authors).

Quality of the articles is provided by selection and revision. After operative editorial control of the subject, the clarity of the scientific novelty description and the correctness of borrowings, the article sequentially comes trough: double-blind, meaningful review by active specialists in the close field; author's revision based on the results of the review and suggestions of the editor for improving text and illustrations; scientific editing; proofs approvals by the author; editorial development of the file to be published to PDF/A certification. The monthly quarantine is used from an open publication on the Internet to the official transfer of metadata to perform final plagiarism check and also to detect and correct minor shortcomings.

Breadth of the presentation of results is ensured by the regular presentation of metadata to russian and foreign scientometric and bibliography search services, and also by the free Internet access.

Stability of publications is guaranteed by regular provision of publications to digital libraries from an expanding list complementing the journal's site accessability and backup.

Editor's choice

Emerging news

Mathematical Foundations of Programming

Mikhail Kuchuganov. A recursive definitions of relational transformations (in Russian).

Supercomputing Software and Hardware

Dmitri Knyazkov. Inverse problem of diffraction of electromagnetic wave on a plane layer (in Russian).

Nikolay Dikarev, Boris Shabanov, Aleksandr Shmelev. Simulation of multicore vector dataflow processor with shared memory (in Russian).

Methods for Optimal Control and Control Theory

V. Markasheva, A. Mashtakov. Existence of Global Fundamental Solution to a Class of Fokker–Planck Equations (English).

Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers

Vladislav Shchapov, Anna Evgrafova, Grigoriy Masich, Alexander Pavlinov, Elena Popova, Andrei Sukhanovskii, Denis Chugunov. Using of supercomputer in measurement data processing for realization of experiments with feedback (in Russian).

Alexander Talalaev, Vitaly Fralenko. Fault-tolerant system for organizing highperformance computing for solving data processing problems (in Russian).

N. S. Zhivchikova, Y. V. Shevchuk. Riak KV performance in sensor data storage application (English, also in Russian).

Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks

Duy Nguyen, Mikhail Khacumov. The method of comparing a 3D object model with a 2D image based on invariant moments (in Russian).

Information Systems in Culture and Education

Aleksey Neznanov, Olga Maksimenkova. Conceptual and Logical Models of Assessment Materials for Distributed Educational Software Systems (in Russian).

Healthcare Information Systems

Vladimir Malykh, Aleksey Kalinin, Teymur Yusufov. Object-relational approach to building a data storage (in Russian).

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