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• Information Systems in Economics •
• Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks •
• Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers •

Information Systems in Economics

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Article # 25_2015

18 с.


submitted on 17th June 2015 displayed on website on 30th Sep 2015

Aleksandr Stolbov, Liem Nguyen
Information system for support research of infrastructure logistics

The paper describes knowledge-based software information system designed to support research in the field of infrastructure logistics. The system is divided into two parts. The first part handles domain specific information and applies expert system to produce recommendation in different topics of infrastructure logistics. The second part goes further and utilizes application packages which solve special problems of infrastructure logistics. Main attention of the article is focused to the description
of first part of software. (In Russian).
Key words: software, expert system, ontology, transport, logistics.

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• Содержание выпуска •
• Information Systems in Economics •
• Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks •
• Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers •


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