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Program Systems: Theory and Applications Instructions for Contributors

Program Systems: Theory and Applications is a refereed scientific journal which offers authors full support for speedy publication of their research (The procedure for review of manuscripts established editorial Board of the journal "Program Systems: Theory and Applications"). The journal welcomes submissions in the following subject areas:

  • Mathematical Foundations of Programming;
  • Methods for Optimal Control and Control Theory;
  • Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers;
  • Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks;
  • Mathematical Modelling;
  • Information Systems in Culture and Education;
  • Healthcare Information Systems;
  • Information Systems in Economics;
  • Supercomputing Software and Hardware.

The following materials are required for submission:

  1. Recommendation of the organization where the research has been carried out (in the form of a verified extract from the department meeting or scientific workshop minutes; the recommendation should certify that the work is not founded on previously published author’s research results).

  2. Expert report for possibility of publication in press from the organization where the research has been carried out (the report should contain signatures of the expert and head of organization and an official seal).

  3. Fill out a confirmation form (must be signed by all authors).

  4. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit papers formatted according to the template.

Exceptionally, foreign authors are not required to submit recommendation and/or expert report.

The materials listed above are accepted electronically and in hard copy. Recommendation should contain an official letter head and be duly signed and stamped by the Head of the Institution. Papers in hard copy should be sent to the editorial office:

1. by fax: +7(48535)98-064
2. by post: 4 a Peter the First Street, Veskovo village, Pereslavl area, Yaroslavl region 152021 Russia.
Electronic copies of the documents listed above and papers in a ZIP archive should be sent to the editorial office at
The editorial board acknowledges receipt of submissions. Subsequently, papers will be reviewed.

Reviewers may reject the article. In this case, the editor may recommend that the author submit a revised version.

Papers conforming to the requirements stated below will be reviewed. If a paper is accepted, the editor and reviewers may require minor revisions. The author may withdraw reviewed paper or should return the revised paper as soon as possible. The author may add replies to reviewer’s comments.

Submission of Articles

  1. The journal accepts papers conforming to PSTA subject areas.
  2. The work must be founded on previously unpublished author’s research results and contain a survey of state-of-the-art in the subject area.
  3. Authors are encouraged to use clear language whether Russian or English. The content should be technically competent and professional in format. Formulae, graphics, and diagrams making research results easier to understand are welcome.
  4. Articles must contain references to republished sentences and illustrations. Materials requiring permission are not accepted.
  5. Generally accepted principles of law, standards of ethics, and conclusion validity must be strictly observed.
  6. Authors are responsible for formatting their papers for publication in LaTeX, according to the PSTA instructions. All figures should be submitted as high resolution files.
  7. Brief information about the author should be included. A photograph may also be included with the information.
  8. All papers for publication should be submitted in a zip packagecontaining a main file named “main.tex”, high-resolution figures, and other files.

The general format of a TeX submission may be seen in our sample document (zip, 218 Êá)


Intellectual Property Rights for PSTA Authors

We recognize the need for authors to share and develop their work with colleagues and peers and permit authors to copy and transmit the published version of their paperswith a reference to the PSTA journal. We also permit to publish fragments of published papers provided that they have not been modified and have a source reference.

The publisherwill not distribute content of the published papers but retains the right to use the information contained in those papers for  calculating scientometrics indicators.

No further reproduction or distribution of tables of contents and indexes is allowed without explicit permission of the publisher. Itisstrictly prohibited to share personal data with other companies for marketing or similar purposes.

The authors are responsible for the content of their submitted paper. The publisher is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of information contained in it. The publisher also reserves the right to restrict access to a published paper if it infringes rights of others or any generally accepted rules. The publisher will inform the author and reviewers about the withdrawal of the paper.



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