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About PSTA

Russian journal title: "Программные системы: теория и приложения"

English journal title: "Program Systems: Theory and Applications"

ISSN 2079-3316 (Electronic version only)

Subject Areas

  • Mathematical Foundations of Programming;

  • Methods for Optimal Control and Control Theory;

  • Software and Hardware for Distributed Systems and Supercomputers;

  • Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Systems, Neural Networks;

  • Mathematical Modelling;

  • Information Systems in Culture and Education;

  • Healthcare Information Systems;

  • Information Systems in Economics;

  • Supercomputing Software and Hardware;

corresponds to the following VAK specialties:

05.13.01 System Analysis and Control Theory
05.13.11 Mathematical and Software Support for Computers, Complexes, and Computer Networks (technical sciences);
05.13.17 Theory of Informatics (physico-mathematical sciences).

The journal was founded in 2010 аnd from 29.05.2017 it is VAK listed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia among other certified journals with peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of theses for the degree of candidate of science or  for the degree of Doctor of Science should be published.

The publicity in the world is ensured by indexing in the Google Scholar system and the RSCI (Web of Science) database, and also in Russia by indexing in RINC and

Free accessibility of articles is achieved by posting on the magazine's website from the moment of publication, and reliability of access by duplication in the electronic library systems and, providing a comfortable search by articles and bibliometrics.

The editorial policy is based on the principles of the International Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE), the best practices of scientific publishers, double-blind peer review,  free access to publications in the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), and  dependent on paper quality  publication speed free of charge.

The editor-in-chief is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergei Mikhailovich Abramov.

The founder, publisher, and sponsor  of the journal is the Organization of Russian Academy of Sciences Program Systems Institute of RAS (PSI RAS) that is one of the world's recognized Russian leaders in the areas of high-performance computing systems (supercomputers), technologies for building regional telecommunications networks, artificial intelligence, medical information systems and distributed intelligent systems.modern information technologies.

Adress: Ailamazyan Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PSTA Online Journal, 4 a Peter the First Street,
Veskovo village, Pereslavl area, Yaroslavl region, 152021 Russia
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