Volume 14, 2023

Contents of volume 14, 2023

Issue No. 1 (56), January–March

  1. Igor V. Vinokurov. Tabular information recognition using convolutional neural networks. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  2. Igor V. Trofimov. Decomposition of construction method for a language encoder. (In Russ.).
  3. Alexander S. Rumyantsev, Diana S. Dolgaleva, Alexander S. Golovin. Steady-state performance analysis of multiserver queueing models with redundancy. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  4. Yuri P. Serdyuk, Natalia A. Vlasova, Seda R. Momot. A system for extracting symptom mentions from texts by means of neural networks. (In Russ.).
  5. Irina V. Rasina, Irina S. Guseva. About One Class of Discrete-Continuous Systems with Parameters. (In Russ.).

Issue No. 2 (57), April–June

  1. Vitaly P. Fralenko. Improving quality of video stream from the unmanned aerial vehicle technical vision system. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  2. Anatolii D. Panferov, Natalia V. Posnova, Anastasia A. Ulyanova. Simulation the Behavior of a Two-Level Quantum System Using Scalable Regular Grids. (In Russ.).
  3. Nikolai S. Abramov, Sergei M. Abramov. June 2022 Top500 List Overview. (In Russ.).

Issue No. 3 (58), July–September

  1. Igor V. Vinokurov. Recognition of digital sequences using convolutional neural networks. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  2. Alexandr V. Smirnov, Egor S. Ivanov. Analysis of images of a plant obtained from a camera of an automated care system to visually assess the change in its state over time. (In Russ.).
  3. Pavel A. Astanin, Svetlana E. Rauzina, Tat'yana V. Zarubina. Computing of umls concepts etiopathogenetic image using graph metrics. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  4. Alexander A. Borisov, Yuri A. Vasiliev, Anton V. Vladzimirsky, Olga V. Omelyanskaya, Serafim S. Serafim, Kirill M. Arzamasov. Using of neural networks to search for errors of patient's positioning on chest X-rays. (In Russ.).
  5. Viktor S. Podlazov. Multichannel non-blocking system area network with direct channels. (In Russ.).

Issue No. 4 (59), October–December

  1. Gennady G. Stetsyura. The organization of interaction the active objects of homogeneous digital structures. (In Russ.).
  2. Irina N. Fishcheva, Tatiana A. Peskisheva, Valeriya S. Goloviznina, Evgeny V. Kotelnikov. Method for classifying aspects of argumentation in Russian-language texts. (In Russ.).
  3. Irina V. Rasina, Alexander O. Blinov. Minimax improvement method for inhomogeneous discrete systems. (In Russ.).
  4. Igor A. Adamovich, Yuri A. Klimov. Cyclic pipeline systems. (In Russ.).
  5. Arkady V. Klimov. Coloured petri nets and the language for distributed programming UPL: their comparison and translation. (In Russ.).
  6. Diana A. Chelysheva, Arkady V. Klyuchikov. Generation of a plot component for a tabletop role-playing game. (In Russ.).
  7. Valeria V. Gribova, Elena A. Shalfeeva, Margarita V. Petryaeva, Dmitry B. Okun, Leonid A. Fedorishchev, Roman I. Kovalev. Cloud service for differential diagnosis and personalized treatment of inflammatory heart diseases. (In Russ., in Engl.).
  8. Yulia S. Belinskaya, Dmitry A. Makarov. SDDRE based nonlinear feedback construction in the tracking problem for a wheeled robot model. (In Russ.).
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